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Wedding Ceremonies

"Set me as a seal upon your heart" - Song of Songs 8:6

Interestingly, there is no single precise word in the Hebrew language for marriage. The Bible, echoing the patriarchal nature of early Israelite society, only uses the phrase "taking a wife". Centuries later, the rabbinic scholars imbued the covenantal relationship between husband and wife with the Aramaic term, "Kiddushin", from the Hebrew word "Kadosh", meaning sanctified. The institution of marriage and the wedding ceremony itself have always been at the highest level of the "Ladder of Holiness", and considered the most joyous of life cycle celebrations next to the birth of a child. When individuals have made the lifelong commitment to each other to share their love, values, interests, and ultimately their desire to raise a family -  the blessings, declarations, pledges, and rituals of the contemporary wedding ceremony must reflect the family background and religious orientation of each partner.

Couples with religious identity are searching for more than just a representative of their faith to serve as clergy for a wedding ceremony. Compassion, experienced intuition, and the ability to help each partner sort through sometimes challenging or unfamilar prenuptial circumstances, are important attributes which a well qualified officiate must demonstrate. Cantor Neil Berris will insure that you feel comfortable and fully confident that you have placed your trust in him to guide you successfully on the path toward a shared lifetime together.

Please complete the Inquiry Form and contact Cantor Berris to begin the conversation about the details and preferences relating to the happiest occasion in your lives. Cantor Berris will organize and send you a personalized folder including a complete outline and "model" text of your wedding ceremony, examples of "readings" often presented, suggested wedding vows/declarations, a sample copy of the "Ketubah" (Jewish marriage document), and our Wedding Party personal information forms. Every request and question you may have is significant, and will be given the fullest consideration. It's your wedding celebration and your most special day... you deserve to work with clergy that places you first!

Please view our model Interfaith and Jewish wedding ceremonies in the links below:

 ICN-JLS Interfaith Wedding Ceremony Ritual Text_2019.doc
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ICN-JLS Jewish Wedding Ceremony Ritual Text_2019.doc
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